CS 15: Visual Basic Programming

3 units, transfer UC, CSU


Santa Monica College


Class Syllabus



Instructor:                  Keith A. Kurtz


Phone:                        310-458-8381


E-mail:                        kurtz_keith@smc.edu


Office Hours:             Weekday, 5:55 p.m. – 6:40 p.m., BUS 255

                                    Weekday, 5:55 p.m. – 6:40 p.m., BUS 201

                                    or by appointment


Course Description:  This introductory course covers basic programming constructs and techniques using VB.Net. Students will learn how to plan, create and debug code based on Object Oriented Programming design and analysis techniques. Topics covered include Data Types, Variables, Decision Statements, Loops, Arrays Input/Output, and basics of Object Oriented Programming using Classes and Objects.


Student Learning Outcomes: Using the principles of Programming students will develop small scale applications that use variables, conditionals, loops, arrays and user-defined procedures in Visual Basic. Using the tools of the Visual Basic compiler, students will debug applications for logical, syntax and runtime errors.


Required Text:    ·    There is no required text for this course.  An Open Educational Resource (OER) is available for download in the Canvas site for this course along with the instructor’s notes for each topic.


Supplies:               ·    One USB flash memory drive.

·         Three Scan-tron sheets form 882-E


Grading Policy:   ·    Incompletes will not be issued except for a documented medical emergency.

·         Drops are the responsibility of the student.  Be aware of the final withdraw date.

·         The grade for this class will be determined by your performance in the following areas:

            Assignments (10 @ 25 pts)                                     250   points

            Exams (3@ 50pts.)                                                  150


            Total                                                                        400   points 

·         Grading Scale:

                                                90    - 100%       A

                                                80    - 89%         B

                                                65    - 79%         C

                                                50    - 64%         D

                                                below 50%        Fail


 Assignments:       ·    There is a lab in B231 available to you to complete your computer assignments.

·         Assignments may be completed on your own computer, if you have the required software.  Assignments must be submitted from a computer on campus.

·         Assignments are to be deposited into canvas before class on the due date indicated on the Class Schedule.  Assignments must be submitted in this manner.

·         You will need to be able to login to the campus network using your SMC account, so be sure that you are able to do so prior to the first assignment due date.

·         Any work not submitted on time will be considered late.  Assignments will be accepted one class session late with a ten percent penalty. Assignments more than one class session late will normally not be graded.  If you feel there are extenuating circumstances, you should negotiate an alternate arrangement with the instructor before the assignment is due.

·         All assignments are required.  There is no "extra credit" available.


Exams:                 ·    There are three objective tests each worth 50 points.  These tests are not cumulative.

·         All tests are required.  No test score will be dropped.  If you know of a conflict with a test date, make prior arrangements with the instructor.

·         Only students with documented emergencies will be allowed to make up a test after the test date.  Conflicts, including those with religious holidays, require prior arrangements.

·         Students who are learning English as a second language may use a dictionary during exams. Please confirm with the instructor prior to each exam if you are using a dictionary.


Participation:        ·   Attendance at all class sessions is mandatory.  Most instructional activities are difficult to repeat outside the classroom.

·      Students are responsible for all material covered in class, including changes in class schedule or assignments, so be sure to get notes from a classmate, or see the instructor should you be absent.

·      Full participation in this class is important to your learning experience.  This includes attending class, completing assignments, reading the OER and instructor’s notes, and taking exams. 


Software:               ·   This course requires that you use Microsoft Visual Studio software.

·      The software is available to you for free on the computers in the homework lab, Room B-231.

·      A free version of Microsoft Visual Studio is available for download from Microsoft DreamSpark.  Instructions will be provided in class.

·      Santa Monica College neither guarantees nor supports software installed on your own computer.  If you have difficulty installing, maintaining, or running the software on your computer, assistance may not be available at Santa Monica College.  You can always do your assignments on-campus.


Certificate Information:       CS 15 is one of the courses in the following certificates and degrees. For more information on this and other certificates, please visit our department web site at www.smc.edu/csis. 

·         Computer Programming, Associate Degree or Certificate of Achievement

·         Database Applications Developer, Associate Degree or Certificate of Achievement

·         Web Programmer, Associate Degree or Certificate of Achievement

·         Computer Programming, Department Certificate

·         Information Systems Management, Department Certificate

·         Information Systems Management