CS 3 - Kurtz  Santa Monica College 




Hard Return 


Forces a new line Occurs when you press ENTER



Soft Return 


Occurs when you let word wrap happen



Ruler Bar 


Shows width of page Shows margins and tab stops May be hidden or visible



Backspace Key 


Moves cursor back (to the left) one position and erases what was there



Del Key 


Delete key Erases character to the right without moving the cursor





Shifting text up and down on screen



Insert Mode 


Typed characters make room by shoving previous characters to the right.



Typeover Mode 


Typed characters take the place of previous characters, erasing them   



Block of Text 


Mark it with your mouse Cut Copy Paste Delete Move Underline Bold Italicize



Cut & Paste 


Electronic equivalent of scissors and glue





Type or font size





Typeface e.g., Times Roman, Arial, Helvetica



Left Justified


Text is aligned flush to the left margin



Right Justified


Text is aligned flush to the right margin



Justified/Full Justified 


Text is aligned flush to both margins



Tab stops 


Word97 has four types Used for tables because they adjust easily



Left‑hand tab


text extends to the right of the tab



Right‑hand tab 


text extends to the left of the tab



Centered tab


text aligns evenly on both sides of the tab



Decimal tab 


text aligns the decimal point on the tab


Page layout


Margins can be changed in Word97 Page Orientation can be changed in Word97 Portrait Landscape Page Size can be changed in Word97 Letter Legal  


Spell Check 


Displays words as suspect Provides alternative spellings Allows you to skip the word Allows you to edit the word Will not choose a correct spelling Does not correct automatically Does not force a correction Does not erase


Grammer & Style Checker 


Finds punctuation errors, sentence fragments, and split infinitives.




"What You See Is What You Get" The screen display looks like the printed output.