CS 3 - Kurtz Santa Monica College

  Personal Web Site Assignment

Create a web page that talks about you – a kind of a resume. Using Notepad, write an HTML file that has the following items. Each item should be customized according to your own information:

  1. A title in the title bar.
  2. Your name in the top. It should be bolded, with a bigger font than the rest of the page.
  3. Your contact information. (you may make all the information up)
  4. As a bullet list, display the names of all schools attended.
  5. As a numbered list, display a list of all the places you worked at.
  6. Insert your picture (if possible, otherwise any other picture will do – you may download pictures from the internet). The picture should have a border – not 0 – and alternate text
  7. In item 4 or 5 above, have one of the schools or workplaces appear as link, which when clicked takes us to the web site of that school or company.
  8. Create a table that has at least two rows, and two columns. In each cell insert a picture that is a link to a favorite place or website.

Save this file in your submittal folder as resume.htm

Use Notepad for this assignment.  Do not use a web authoring tool.


The following is a list of the minimum tags:




<body >




To format text:
<b></b>                        to bold text
<u></u>                        underline
<i></i>                          italics
<small></small>            smaller font
<big></big>                   bigger font
<sub></sub>     subscript
<sup></sup>                 superscript
<p>, <br>          new paragraph, or line break, both cause a new line to be inserted

 <font face=”Times New Roman” size=”2”>  to apply a new font. Size is relative to the size list of the font.

<a HREF=”http://www.smc.edu”> Santa Monica
College </a>  

Ordered List:
<ol>    ordered list
<li>    list item
<li>    list item
<li>    list item

 Unordered list:
<ul>    unordered list
<li>    list item
<li>    list item
<li>    list item

<tr>            new row
<td>            new cell in row
            new cell in row
            new row
            new cell in row
            new cell in row