CS 3 - Kurtz Santa Monica College

  Word Processing Assignment

Start Windows and launch Word.  Write an article about why you want to study Computer Science. 

In the article, create a numbered list or a bullet list with at least five reasons why you want to work in that area:

  1. first reason
  2. second reason
  3. third reason
  4. fourth reason
  5. fifth reason

The article should begin and end with a closing paragraph.

Insert a picture at the beginning of the first paragraph and cause the text to wrap in a square pattern.

Put a title in the header.  Put an automatic page number and date in the footer.

The font should be black, 12 point, Times New Roman.

Make the font red for the first reason in the list.

Use the Word spell checker to check your work.  Make corrections as necessary.

Save this article in your submittal folder as word.doc.