VB.NET Assignment No. 2

Variables and Conditional Statements

Convert number grades to letter grades



·         The user enters a numerical grade from 0 to 100 and clicks the Convert button or presses the Enter key to activate that button.

·         The application calculates the letter grade corresponding to the numerical grade and displays it in a label on the form.


·         The grading criteria follow:

A   88-100

B    80-87

C    67-79

D   60-67

F    <60

·         Assume that the user will enter valid numerical data for the grades so your code doesn’t have to check this entry for validity.

·         Code the application using the If…Then…Else statement. 

·         Save the project and solution as Grades. Save the form as Grades.

·         Place the solution folders that you have created in your submittal folder by the due date for this assignment.