CS 3 - Kurtz                                                                                       Santa Monica College


Alice Assignment No. 3

Control Structures


  1. Reading:
    Adams, pp. 94-98, 105-132

  2. Create a scene with a blimp (vehicle) and a dragon (Medieval).  In this fantasy scene, the dragon has found a blimp and is curious.  Use an if statement to determine if the dragon should move closer to the blimp prior to flying around it.  If the dragon is further than one blimp length away, then it should move closer.  Use a loop to have the dragon fly around the blimp three times so that the dragon can check it out and satisfy its curiosity. Save your file as dragon.a2w.

  3. Place dragon.a2w in your submittal folder by the due date for this assignment.  Please do not place files created while working through the chapter.