CS 3 - Kurtz                                                                                       Santa Monica College


Alice Assignment No. 2

Designing Programs


  1. Reading:
    Adams, pp. 4-7, 16-27

  2. Create a scene with at least two snowwomen and one snowman outdoors on a snow covered landscape.  A snowman is trying to meet a snowwoman who is talking with a friend (another snowwoman).  The snowman tries to get her attention.  He turns to face the snowwoman and says “Ahem” She turns to look at the snowman and he blinks his eyes at her.  She blushes (her head turns red).  But, alas, she is not interested in meeting him.  She gives him a “cold shoulder” and turns back to talk with her friend.  He hangs his head in disappointment and turns away.  Save your file as Snowpeople.a2w.

  3. Place Snowpeople.a2w in your submittal folder by the due date for this assignment.  Please do not place files created while working through the chapter.