CS 3 - Kurtz                                                                                       Santa Monica College


Alice Assignment No. 1

Getting Started With Alice


  1. Reading:
    Adams, pp. 1-3, 7-16

  2. Work through the four Alice tutorials.

  3. As a tribute to Lewis Carroll, create a Teal Party for Alice Liddell and the white rabbit.  In addition to Alice Liddell (People) and the white Rabbit (Animals), the party should include a table (Dining Table in Furniture folder on CD or Web Gallery) and three chairs (Furniture), a teapot, a toaster, and a plate (Kitchen).  Use method instructions, the mouse, a and quad view to properly position objects like the teapot and creamer on the table.  If you wish, use your imagination to elaborate on the above scene, but be sure to include all of the elements specified.  Save your file as TeaParty.a2w.


  1. Place TeaParty.a2w in your submittal folder by the due date for this assignment.  Please do not place files created while working through the Alice tutorials in the submittal folder.