Assignment No. 10


Calculate Average Score





·         The user enters a score and clicks the Add button or presses the Enter key.

·         The application calculates and displays the score total, score count, and average score.

·         If the user clicks on the Display scores button, the application sorts the scores and displays them in a message box.


·         Use a one-dimensional array to store the scores. To do that, you’ll need to declare the array without an initial size and then use the Redim statement to resize the array each time a score is added.

·         The first time the user adds a score, the Redim statement should resize the array so it contains one element. After that, the Redim statement should increase the size of the array by one.

·         To determine when the user is adding the first score, you can use the Is expression to test the array variable for a value of Nothing.

·         Assume that the user enters valid data.

Compress the solution folder that you have created into a Zip file and upload into Canvas.