Assignment No. 8

Multiple Forms and Modules

Conference Registration System


Create an application that calculates the registration fees for a conference.  The general conference registration fee is $895 per person.  There is also an optional opening night dinner with a keynote address for $30 per person.  Additionaly, the optional preconference workshops are available:



Introduction to E-commerce


The Future of the Web


Advanced Visual Basic


Network Security



The application should have two forms.  The main form should appear similar to the one below:



When the user clicks the Select Conference Options button, the following form should appear:



The Conference Options form allows the user to select the regular conference registration, the optional opening night dinner, and an optional preconference workshop (The user cannot register for the optional events, however, without selecting the conference registration of $895).  When the Close button is clicked, this form should be removed from the screen and the total registration fee should appear on the main form.


Compress the solution folder that you have created into a Zip file and upload into Canvas.