Assignment No. 1
Getting Started, Designing, and Coding Forms


You have been asked to create an application for a carpet sales and installation business.The application should allow the user to enter the length and width of a room and calculate the roomís area in square feet.The formula for this calculation is

Area = Length x Width

In this exercise, you will gain practice using the programming process.

  1. Clearly define what the application is to do.
  2. Visualize the application running on the computer and design its user interface.
  3. Make a list of the controls needed.
  4. Define the values of each controlís properties.
  5. Make a list of methods needed for each control.
  6. Create a flowchart or pseudocode version of each method.


Step 1:††††††††††† Describe the following characteristics of this problem:

Step 2:††††††††††† Draw a sketch of the applicationís form and place all the controls that are needed. You do not need to submit your sketch.

Step3:†††††††††††† Make a list of the controls you included in your sketch.List the control type and the name of each control.

Step 4: ††††††††† List the value of the Text property for each control, as needed.Remember, some controls do not have a text property.

Step 5:††††††††††† List each method needed.Give the name of each method and describe what each method does.

Step 6:††††††††††† For each method you listed in Step 5, draw a flowchart or write pseudocode.

Complete this exercise using Word, Excel, Notepad, or other common Windows application and submit it into Canvas.