CIS 1 - Kurtz  Santa Monica College 





Small, rectangular storage bin Intersection of a column and a row 




A grid of columns and rows (cells) used by a spreadsheet




An associated set of worksheets


Menu bar 


shows what categories of commands are available


Button Bar


or Tool Bar, lets you choose commonly used commands


Input Line


shows coordinates of active cell and displays its content


Control Panel


Displays status and help information Includes the button bar (tool bar), menu bar, and input line


Worksheet Window


lets you see what is in the worksheet


Active Cell


Cell available for immediate use or modification Marked with bold outline on screen




in Excel are labeled A, B Z, AA, AB, AZ, BA, BB...




in Excel are labeled 1, 2, 3 




String of normal text characters




Number (Really. Hard to believe, isn't it?)




An instruction to calculate a number or process text


Format Rules


determine a cell's appearance Provide a professional appearance


Global Format Rules 


Apply to every cell not already formatted


Cell references 


Used in formulas Reflect changes in the referenced cell E.g. =B23


Order of Operation


Order in which a spreadsheet will calculate a formula Multiplication and Division, then addition and subtraction





Force enclosed calculation first Inner parentheses are handled first




Special purpose calculating tools Let you do complex tasks quickly May be placed in formulas where a number is valid E.g. MIN MAX AVERAGE SUM




rectangular group of cells




shifts columns to the right and creates a blank column Shifts rows down and inserts a blank row Columns or Rows automatically adjusts formulas




Formulas do not automatically adjust May result in errors


Moving a cell 


Leaves source cell blank


Copying a cell 


does not change source cell Cell references are adjusted


Relative Cell Reference 


is adjusted when it is moved or copied


Absolute Cell Reference 


is not adjusted when it is moved or copied


Split Windows


permit you to look at nonadjacent parts of a worksheet Scroll independently


Circular Reference 


when a cell formula refers to itself