CIS 1 - Kurtz                                                                                                Santa Monica College





If you did not complete Chapter 2, pp. WD 65-94 in the Word workbook, you should do so.  You should do all of the items indicated by a number in a red circle that do not require printing.



  1. Complete Lab1, steps 1-9 on pp. WD 128-130 of your Word workbook. 
    In step 9, you will type the body of the paper as shown in Figure 2-83a and Figure 2-83b.  Do not concern yourself with the Works Cited list. Be sure to enter the citations and edit them so that they appear as shown in the figures.

  2. Check the spelling of the paper at once.

  3. Save the document on your flash drive as

  4. Upload your file into the Word Assignment 2 folder in the eCompanion drop box.