CIS 1 - Kurtz                                                                                                Santa Monica College


Windows File Management



This assignment assumes that you are running Windows 7. If you have a more recent version of Windows on the computer that you are using, please refer to your manual or use a Window 7 campus computer for this assignment.  If you are not using a flash drive, please adjust these instructions to accommodate the type of storage that you are using.

  1. Insert your flash drive into a USB port and Launch My Computer
  2. Click on the Windows Explorer icon on the Task Bar and open the root folder of your flash drive.
  3. Maximize the window.
  4. Create a folder immediately below the root of your flash drive called Assig3.  All your work for this assignment will reside in this folder.
  5. Create two folders inside of Assig3 called Personal and Business.
  6. Open the Personal folder and create two subfolders named Checking and Savings.
  7. Open the Business folder and create two subfolders named Sales and Purchases.
  8. Create two text files in the Assig3 folder named Acct101.txt and Invoices.txt.
  9. Open the Acct101.txt file and type: 01/15/2006 Balance $1,000
    then save and close the file.
  10. Open the Invoices.txt file and type: INV#354 Inktomi Support  $3,600
    then save and close the file.
  11. Move the Invoices.txt file into the Sales folder.
  12. Copy the Invoices.txt file into the Purchases folder.
  13. Rename the Invoices.txt file in the Purchases folder to Orders.txt.
  14. Move the Acct101.txt file to the Checking folder.
  15. Copy the Acct 101.txt file to the Savings folder.
  16. Open the Acct 101.txt file in the Savings folder and add the following at the top of the file:

your name
CIS 1, Windows Assignment 3
today’s date


  1. Return to the root folder for your flash drive. 
  2. Compress (Zip) the Assig3 folder into Zip format. 
    1. Right-click on the folder
    2. Mouse over Sent to
    3. Click on Compressed (zipped) folder
    4. This will create a new file named
  3. Upload your new .zip file into the Windows Assignment 3 folder in the eCompanion drop box.