CIS 1: Computer Concepts With Applications 

3 Units, transfer UC, CSU
Santa Monica College


Fall 2015

Basic Concepts of Project Managment



Windows Assignment 1
Windows Assignment 2
Windows Assignment 3
Internet Assignment 1
Internet Assignment 2
Internet Assignment 3
Hour of Code Assignment
Word Assignment 1
Word Assignment 2
Word Assignment 3
Project Management Assignment (MS Word)

CSIS Tutoring

The CSIS Department offers free tutoring in BUS 231 to all currently enrolled CSIS students. Walk-in tutoring is available for both online and on ground classes.

Textbook Information

Details on the required textbooks are in the course syllabus. Textbooks may be purchased from the SMC Bookstore, off campus bookstores, and on-line retailers. 

Keith A. Kurtz, Instructor
Office Hours by appointment